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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Holidays We are Closed For

    The following holidays are the holidays PETCARE Animal Hospital will be closed for: Easter Memorial Day Independence Day (July 4th) Pioneer Day (July 24th) Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) Christmas Day (Dec 25th) Day After Christmas (Dec 26th) New Year’s Day *We close EARLY on New Year’s Eve*

  • I Don’t Need My Pet to Be Fully Groomed – Do You Do Nail Trims or Anal Gland Expressions?

    Yes, our staff performs nail trims and/or anal gland expressions. If not performed with an examination, there is a nurse visit fee of $15.00. Nail Trims (Without Dremeling - Dogs Only) is $20.00 Nail Trims w/ Dremel is $25.00 If Your Pet is Difficult, then we may have to sedate...
  • How are you handling COVID-19?

    As of June 1st, 2021 – we have fully re-opened to business as normal.

  • Do you have other locations?

    No, we do not have any other locations – as we are individually/privately owned.  

  • Do you offer wellness plans?

    Kind of. We currently offer a PuppyCARE and a KittenCARE package. These packages include the exams for the vaccine visits, all the vaccines we recommend for a puppy (in our area), deworming, and also offers a 10% off of a spay or neuter and $5 off of a microchip. We…

  • Why do I need an appointment?

    Why do you need an appointment? Time is one of the most important elements to a person - so by scheduling an appointment, it helps cut down your wait time and your appointment time. It also tends to be less expensive if you call and schedule an appointment - as...
  • Why do you want my pet’s previous medical record?

    By receiving your pet’s previous medical record – we can use it to help provide the best treatment for your pet. By having your pet’s previous medical record sent to us AHEAD of your scheduled appointment, it not only saves you time but also money. It also helps take a…

  • Do you send out reminders?

    Yes, we do send out reminders. Reminders can be received via email or to your physical address. Reminders include: examination due dates, vaccinations, lab tests. If you think a reminder has been created incorrectly, please let our staff know and we are happy to look into it. If you no…

  • Why don’t you do cat grooming?

    We are not offering any grooming services at this time. Cat grooming is completely dependent on the groomer and unfortunately most groomers won’t groom cats any longer. Often times, the reason groomers will not accept cats is because they’ve been bitten too many times (which can put them out of…

  • Do you offer grooming?

    No, we no longer offer grooming and do not have plans of providing grooming services in the future.