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Why do I need an appointment?

Why do you need an appointment?

Time is one of the most important elements to a person – so by scheduling an appointment, it helps cut down your wait time and your appointment time.

It also tends to be less expensive if you call and schedule an appointment – as we do charge a $10 walk-in fee.

Appointments are always a good idea, especially when it comes to the availability of our veterinarians. If the veterinarian is out of the office and you tried walking in, you now have wasted time traveling to the clinic – when you could have called ahead. We also perform surgeries Mondays through Fridays, where often times our veterinarian is in surgery from 9am to 4pm – where they are unable to see any appointments.

Appointments are designed with you in mind. By scheduling an appointment, we know we have time set aside to see you and your pet (please keep in mind – emergencies happen, life happens, which can sometimes cause things to run a little behind.)